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Glossy ganoderma is one kind is compared feed capable person costlily, the method of our edible basically is to pass Bao soup edible, and had better be bone of tie-in dove, pig and nurture of big bone first class compare character feed capable person high. Warm dove boiling water to glossy ganoderma, we should want to prepare glossy ganoderma to follow dove, next this both yam of the rejoin after be being put inside boiler to stew a hour, in Bao half hour is OK edible, particular way can try the content below.

 Glossy ganoderma is tie-in what Bao soup is best

Soup of dove of glossy ganoderma yam

Material: Dove, glossy ganoderma, yam, salt, sweet green wait


1 dove, inside and outside is cleaned clean, put boil in cold water boiler

2 scald enter the water, go float foam, fish out, actually very clean, doing not have; of what float foam to also have the blood that says dove is to fill greatly, need not scald water, directly Bao soup can

3 dove enter violet arenaceous stewpan in, put again two violet glossy ganoderma

4 lie between water to stew, stew program was used two half hours

5 yam are cut cortical, cut hob piece, in bubble cold water, prevent to oxidize blacken

6 when returning difference 30 minutes, open lid, will yam piece falls into boiler, build upper cover again child finish the time that go

Salt can be added according to taste when 7 boiler, scatter a few sweet green

 Glossy ganoderma is tie-in what Bao soup is best

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Soup of bone of glossy ganoderma pig

Material: Pig big bone, glossy ganoderma, salt, ginger, green, cooking wine wait


1 get ready feed capable person

2 pigs big bone is abluent, put cold water boiler to be boiled, fish out rinse.

3 take stewpan, put pig big character.

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4 add full clear water

5 put Jiang Pian, green knot

6 put into glossy ganoderma

Wine of 7 feed in raw material

8 slow fire are stewed boil 3.5 hour

9 go surplus is fat, the salt that increase a point can.

Spend soup of glue glossy ganoderma

Material: Lean leanNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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, glossy ganoderma, spend glue, red jujube, oily, salt, yam, lily wait


1. has had 1 two lean lean, wash completely

2. equipment is good beautiful glue 2

3. has good glossy ganoderma

4. equipment is very red jujube, wash completely

5. has hadLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Yam is mixed lily

All 6. material immerse, put next water is lain between to stew in boiler

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7. is stewed boil finish after 3 hours

 Glossy ganoderma is tie-in what Bao soup is best

Soup of wax gourd glossy ganoderma

Material: Wax gourd, glossy ganoderma, dried, salt, green, ginger, soup-stock wait


1. prepares soup raw material: Wax gourd 1kg, glossy ganoderma 1, dried shrimps 30 grams, ginger 1 small, green a paragraph, 1500ml of gallinaceous thin soup, salt is right amount.

2. dried shrimps is rinsed clean, immerse 20 minutes to reserve with clear water.

The detailed fractionize solution that 3. Bao soup uses wax gourd cuts a way: Make the skin of wax gourd first, next fore-and-aft cut 8.

4. again each, transversely, take out flesh.

5. final cent cuts 2~3cm thick piece can. Those who need a specification is: The wax gourd of Bao Shang Yong had better not have been cut small, or too thin piece, otherwise Shang Zhong’s wax gourd can crumb very easily lane is sodden.

6. eats all soup material is put into Bao of soup of boiler of ceramics of Le Meiya glass, join gallinaceous thin soup. Do not have some words, it is OK also to add the clear water that waits for a quantity.

7. builds the top of good soup Bao, put in flourishing fire to be boiled.

After 8. soup boil, fire of lard one’s speech with literary allusions, continue Bao 30~40 minute.

9. joins salt of 1 small spoon finally, turn conflagration, bao 5 minutes OK.

When 10. is drunk, can taste of basis individual soup, transfer into right amount pepper.

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