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Common, the cause that causes cough is varied, a few people cough to may cause the disease of respiratory system respect, when coughing so, also need to a few food abstain from, for instance the food of a few acrimony stimulation is not eatable, sugary food also should eat less as far as possible, can accentuate probably otherwise illness, so can darling cough eat evaporate egg?

Can darling cough eat evaporate egg

Can child cough eat evaporate egg

Cough cent coughs for cough of diseases caused by external factors and internal injury, the cold causes it is cough of diseases caused by external factors normally. Among cough of diseases caused by external factors, divide chill cough zephyr to heat up cough again, the cough of different type is being used is completely different on medicine. Chill coughs or pa Mom can differentiate through observing the child’s coating on the tongue is wind hot cough. If white of coating on the tongue is chill cough, demonstrative child is cold heavy, of cough phlegmy rarer also, white, sticky, hold n&v snuffle concurrently to shed tears. If the child’s coating on the tongue is yellow, red, it is wind hot cough, explain the heat inside the child is bigger, of cough phlegmy not easy and yellow, stiff, expectorate, have pharynx painful.

Can darling cough eat evaporate egg

Can child cough eat evaporate egg?

In angle of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, child cough can not eat an egg. But Western medicineShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, often do not have dietary contraindication. Cough has phlegmy patient to want to have sugary food, drink less, lest aid wet unripe phlegmy. If darling cough is snorty when can drink water more, can drink bit of honey, honey can alleviate cough, improve the child’s Morpheus, effectiveness is compared even a few relieve a cough liquid medicine is not bad. Because brunet honey contains antioxidant more, the effect is betterer. But 1 year old of the following darling do not eat. When Morpheus of if n&v snuffle is severe serious effect, with foot of hot water bubble, make subsidise of hyperaemia of nose mucous membrane. Can remove already n&v snuffle, can adjust again the excitement of pallium and restrain, promote Morpheus thereby. very light blue a small or onion head 34 mincing, boil boiling water, heat is taken the advantage of to exert all his strength with nose after been boil absorption of heat is angry, OK also will feed vinegar to be burned, absorb acetic gas with nose, curative effect is very good. Shanghai night net

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Can darling cough eat evaporate egg

Darling cough is snorty note

1, darling is snorty mostSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Big impact, it is nose airproof, breath not free is affected even suck the breast and Morpheus, this meeting makes darling very afflictive, he will be pettish, this is normal reaction. Pa Mom wants to know, main house home nurses should be to alleviate the n&v snuffle symptom of darling, make darling a few more comfortable.

(1) pa Mom can give the nose spray of darling a bit water. With a few physiological saline will dry drivel dilute leaves, let child blow come out again.

(2) washs a hot bath to darling. The darling on the belt goes together bathroom, open hot water or shower, close the door, let darling be in be full of steam stay 15 minutes in the house, the n&v snuffle of darling can improve greatly surely. Bath hind did not forget to change Gan Shuang’s clothes for darling instantly.

(3) the head block up darling. When darling sleeps, add a pillow to let head drive up to him, such drivel can flow so that compare the child with smooth comparative and lesser; , can put the pillow below the mattress, such block up can make them some more comfortable.

2, the cough that common cold causes, do not require special treatment commonly, feed darling more a few warm boiled water, Jiang Zhishui or onion water. Use patulin less as far as possible, avoid by all means uses adult febrifuge, unfavorable hello relieve a cough syrup, relieve a cough piece etc relieve a cough medicine, more do not want excessiveLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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With antibiotic.

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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