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The food of people is important, because everyday 3Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Eat is indispensable. When people is having gallinaceous rice head, just should meet think of gallinaceous rice seed again. Gallinaceous rice seed is a kind of more familiar food, just make a method complex, because of a lot of people shouldForum of Shanghai night net

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Won’t understand specific gallinaceous head seed do, should notice to study in time so. But how gallinaceous head seed eats should but how gallinaceous head seed eats,be the most delicious?

How does gallinaceous head seed eat

Syrup of Xian Lianbing of papaya Gorgon fruit

Material Gorgon fruit, bright lotus seed, Chinese flowering quince, rock candy


1, Gorgon fruit boils 2 hours first.

2, put bright lotus seed to boil 20 minutes again, join papaya.

3, crystal sugar is put again after involving fire. The old person of our home town says rock candy heats to be equal to took internal heat.

How does gallinaceous head seed eat

Gorgon fruit fries shelled fresh shrimps

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Material feeds capable person: Clean Gorgon fruit (fresh Gorgon fruit) 100g, 100g of river shelled fresh shrimps, 50g of water chest nut, sweet green 1, laojiang 2, condiment: Salt 1 teaspoon (5g) , candy 2 teaspoon (10g) , carry on promotes yellow rice or millet wine 1 spoon (15ml) , oily 2 spoon (30ml) , dry starch 1 teaspoon (5g) , soup-stock 2 spoon (30ml) practice clean Gorgon fruit is abluent. Water chest nut is abluent, what 0.2cm cuts after flay is chip. Sweet green is mincing. Old Jiang Qie reserves into flake.

Shelled fresh shrimps is abluent, drop does moisture, put recipient, join salt of teaspoon of amylaceous, 1/2, carry on to promote agitate of yellow rice or millet wine even, bloat be soiled 10 minutes.

Medium baking temperature is addedShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Heat fries the oil in boiler to come 5 into heat, along boiler edge bloat the shelled fresh shrimps that be soiled crosses slips in boiler, the shovel that use boiler is sowed medicinal powder, fry to become angry fish out drop does oily cent.

Bottom oil takes in frying pan, sweet Jiang Pian of stir-fry before stewing, put clean Gorgon fruit and water chest nut piece break up fry become translucent state to water chest nut, join soup-stock to be boiled.

Add shrimp meat afresh boiler counteracts Gorgon fruit, water chest nut piece break up together fry even, transfer into Bai Sha candy, scatter finally on sweet green is broken can.

How does gallinaceous head seed eat

Soup of Gorgon fruit yellow croaker

Material yellow croaker 1, hu melon half, gorgon fruit half bowls, salt a few, chicken a few of essence of life


1, Gorgon fruit rinses beforehand Bao is good, bao 3-4 hour.

2, yellow croaker goes scale goes abdomen, piscine body delimits on a few knives.

3, silk of dig of Hu melon flay.

4, good Bao Gorgon fruit is burned in Shang Fang stockpot, join whole yellow croaker directly.

5, then next Hu melon silk are burned together.

6, wait1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
The fish is burned ripe, scatter some of salt and gallinaceous seed can, flavour is extremely clear bright, raise a stomach.

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