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When the lean lean that make perhaps fries the flesh, we are to like to add very much at ordinary timesForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Enter white vinegar or of cooking wine, because white vinegar follows cooking wine to be able to add the flavor of cutlet, and can bate flesh is qualitative, sodden to cannot be being stewed flesh should want to join a few white vinegar, commonly halfway is joined, and we want to noteShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Meaning affiliation capacity, can affect the condition that causes food occurrence metamorphism to alimental flavour and meeting otherwise.

 Fry the flesh when to put vinegar

1, stew puts vinegar to be stewed easily sodden

Stew adds some of wine or vinegar (put 2 ~ by 1 kilogram of beef 3 spoon wine or 2 spoon of 1 ~ scale) of vinegar, these two things are OK bate flesh is qualitative, it is not easy to be met stew sodden flesh, need to add commonly a few.

2, the skill with delicious and know sth thoroughly stew

: of the pork that stew? ? of  of oath of word of saddle of instrument of hut of cease of article Xiang uranium makes the flesh is boiled not easily sodden, salt is added after wanting so. If midway needs to add water, must add hot water, cold water can make the flesh hardens. Duration in order to maintain1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Water boil is ajar had better. At this moment, the float oil of noodles in soup rolls not easily, atmospheric pressure is formed inside boiler, maintained the temperature of broth already, make the aroma in soup volatilizes not easily again run, stew is ripe fast, the flesh is qualitative loose also. Because leave to boil greatly greatly, the protein in making the pork adds hurried to heat up denaturation and harden, not dissolve at water.

: of the beef that stew? Quan  grabs? of establish of solid ancient wine vessel of the hut that frighten H to be boiled very not easily sodden. Can besmear on preexistence flesh a mustard, put 6-8 hour, rinse clean with cold water, can make ripe. Through such processing, boil easily not only sodden, and fleshy qualitative change is tender. A few wine and vinegar are put again when boiling (1 kilogram beef puts) of vinegar of 2-3 spoon cooking wine, 1 spoon, the flesh is boiled more easily sodden.

 Fry the flesh when to put vinegar

When the beef that stew, the tea that has included a handful with gauze is put into boiler at the same time, burn together with the flesh, beef can be stewed very quickly ripe stew sodden, and won’t affect the taste of beef. Perhaps will cut the besmear on beef piece does mustard, place a few hour hind to be stewed again completely with cold bath, beef is easy also ripe sodden. If boil when put a few vinegar again, can boil more quickly sodden.

Usable ginger is tender change beef. Ginger is dressing not only, and still can tender change beef. If discover beef is a little old hard, Forum of Shanghai night net

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Can become abluent bright Jiang Qie small, dolly, put Jiang Mo again juice giving ginger is squeezed inside gauze, mix ginger juice cut silk or piece in beef, mix is even, make bovine cutlet surface touchs ginger juice equably, 1 hour or so is placed below normal temperature, can have cook according to need. With this law tender the beef that change is fresh and tender and dainty, fragrance is full-bodied, do not have the laborious piquancy of ginger again.

: of the hotpot that stew? Sui of official of ┦ of suddenly of to bang of crab of call on  ?

: of the chicken that stew? Is Lai of anxiety of Qi of  of  of case of honest accurate η caught from dash forward does Ge live?

: of the fish that stew? Quan  crab occasionally? of stir-fry before stewing of ligature lotus root can remove raw meat or fish, appropriate is stewed ripe.

3, the dietotherapy effect of stew

Gan Xian of flavour of the pork that stew, sex is smooth, into; of classics of lienal, stomach, kidney filling kidney raises blood, moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood. Forum of Shanghai night net

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Grow liver shade, embellish skin, benefit 2 mix stop disappear is thirsty.

 Fry the flesh when to put vinegar

The because body fluid inadequacy is caused,can fill urgently be agitated below drink of the pork soup that boil, dry cough, constipation andA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Difficult labor.

The beef that stew has essence of life of filling kidney beneficial, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein is strong bone, strong magical beneficial wisdom effect. Appropriate at spirit tired, giddy dazzled, lumbar genu aching and limp, seminal emission is forgetful,

Filling taste of the hotpot that stew, the queasy, body that is used at treating taste empty cold be caused by emaciated, Wei is cold; waiting for disease is lukewarm filling liver kidney, the lumbar genu aching and limp that is used at treating be caused by of kidney deficiency of yang is cold painful, impotent; waiting for disease enrichs the blood lukewarm classics, the abdomen that is used at cold be caused by of classics of postpartum deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it is cold painful.

Stew conduces to preserve one’s health, with deepfry, sootiness, explode fry photograph comparing more healthy.

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