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Hemp hot Xiaohai is bright this kind of cate basically is in namely summer when special reception getting a person, tasted word or meeting have a few piquancy, and can put chili according to his mouthfeel, but delicacy of hemp hot Xiaohai is the most important is among them soup juice, if be soup juice,so not authentic word can bring about this cate taste is not so delicious, and also be crucial above the choice of seafood.

How does juice of soup of hot small seafood do hemp


Hemp is hot the data of sweet boiler is very extensive, it is OK to suit those who make basically to fry with will do hemp hot sweet pot, but basic need is handled beforehand, use Shui Chao namely ripe, OK the material of hot sweet pot divides a hemp into the following kinds big, everybody can choose according to his be fond of.

Greengrocery: Qing Sun, lotus lotus root, bamboo shoot, cabbage patch, stay of proceedings of dawdle, acupuncture needle, beautiful dish, on the west orchid, potato, yam

Dried food kind: Agaric, demon taro

Seafood kind: Squid, shrimp, crab, demon taro

The flesh kind: Steaky pork, luncheon meat, bullfrog, eel wait

Splanchnic kind: Gizzard of bowel of 100 leaves, wool abdomen, duck, duck

Bolus kind: Element a round mass of food, flesh bolus, fish bolus

Bean products: Bean curd doing, dried bean milk cream in tight rolls, frozen bean curd wait

I hot sweet pot used this hemp: Dawdle, smooth stay of proceedings, lotus root piece, Qing Sun, agaric, steaky pork, celery, beautiful dish.


(The quantity of 800 grams material, can the material increase and decrease according to oneself, but I feel every plant dish to taste not too much, 50-100 gram is about the same, 6-8 one boiler compares breed very)

Hemp is hot the condiment of sweet boiler: Five balm 100ml1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
, valve of Pi county beans (chop) 2 spoon (30mlShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
) , chaffy dish condiment is 50 grams, dry chili 80 grams, Jiang Pian 15 grams, garlic 20 grams, green paragraph 15 grams, cooking wine 1 spoon (2 teaspoon of 15ml) , candy (take into consideration the circumstances of 10ml) , salt is added, gallinaceous essence a few, white sesame seed is right amount

How does juice of soup of hot small seafood do hemp

Five balm material: Anise 2, Chinese prickly ash 5 grams, caoguo 1, dry chili 10 grams, fennel bandit of 5 grams, flesh 1, hill Nai 1, cassia bark 1, sweet leaf 2, oil

1, the way that says oil of the five spices first, because this kind of oil admitted the taste of flavor the meeting is particularly sweet, besides fry hemp hot sweet pot, still can do water to cook food of fish, cold and dressed with sause. Practice: Course of action: Oil is put in boiler, nai of anise, Chinese prickly ash, will dry chili, caoguo, hill, cassia bark, sweet leaf is put, heat with small fire, until yellow of flavor blast Cheng Zong, fish out flavor does not want, oil is stand-by.

2, processing prepares to fry hemp the material of hot sweet pot, smooth stay of proceedings goes an abluent silk go into small; dawdle the root is abluent cut small; Qing Sun flay is abluent cut thick agaric of abluent slice; uses a flay of; lotus root bleb hair, go flay of abluent; steaky pork cuts the base of a fruit thinForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
Piece; celery goes the root goes old Xie Qie becomes paragraph of; to spend dish to pick Cheng Xiaoduo, abluent. Anyhow is the material that makes preparationLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum
Makings make preliminary treatment.

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

3, the other data that divides steaky pork ordinal the scald in putting boiling water is ripe, notice duration, for instance Qing Sun boils the material with ringing mouthfeel to go a little, do not boil soft. The major material of hot sweet pot needs the hemp that make to be handled beforehand, the scald that use water is ripe perhaps use deepfry ripe, such facilitating break up quickly fry. The material that has handled wants drop to do moisture, hot sweet pot meets the hemp that makes otherwise of water water.

4, the surface of will dry chili uses wet towel wipe up, cut paragraph, chili seed does not want, if use the sort of lantern,any of several hot spice plants also need not be cut.

How does juice of soup of hot small seafood do hemp

Try at once, do the hemp that belongs to you together hot sweet pot

5, boiler burns heat, put oil of the five spices, dry chili bomb is put after burning heat sweet, the attention did not want scamper to become angry, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
After erubescent fragrance comes out, oil is scooped up immediately, drop dry oil is stand-by.

6, put steaky pork to fry an oil, slowly stir-fry before stewing must work a few delicious, if do not like steaky pork,can fry valve of Pi county beans and chaffy dish condiment directly.

7, put valve of Pi county beans to fry sweet with chaffy dish condiment, fry a red oil and fragrance.

8, join Jiang Pian, garlic to fry sweet.

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