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No matter be northerner or southern, have the habit that drinks congee at ordinary timesForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Be used to, the sort of congee is rife, the congee of different sort, has nutrient value also is different, classics tipple congee raises a stomach not only, and right healthy also be very good place, chestnut pumpkin congee is at ordinary times very common congee, although good drink, but very few however somebody meets him to make, what does the practice of congee of that chestnut pumpkin have?

 Chestnut pumpkin congee

The advantage that pumpkin Chinese chestnut takes together

Compensatory nutrition

Chinese chestnut and pumpkin contain rich nutrient material, wait like vitamin, protein, prandial fiber, can complement for airframe not only a variety of nutrition, still have effect of a few health care. What contain in pumpkin is pectic, have adsorptive effect, can protect mucous membrane of gastric bowel path to avoid suffer stimulation, and the part such as not saturated fatty acid, zinc, manganese is contained in Chinese chestnut, OK and auxiliary reduce hematic fat.

Protection is hepatic

Prandial fiber is contained a lot ofin pumpkin, be helpful for food digesting, can assist defecate, and can reduce the content of the cholesterol in blood, contain among themShanghai night net

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Some carbohydrate, can be airframe complement energy. Chinese chestnut nutrition is rich, contain a variety of vitamins, with pumpkin an edible, can promote the rehabilitate of liver cell and second birth.

 Chestnut pumpkin congee

Assist step-down

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Chinese chestnut contains B of rich vitamin C, vitamin and carotene, OK and effective precaution and auxiliary cure hypertension, arteriosclerosis. More potassium element is contained in pumpkinForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, have diuretic effect, can make body endotoxin eduction, with Chinese chestnut an edible, have auxiliary fall the action of blood pressure.

Stimulative human body grows development

Chinese chestnut contains a lot ofprotein, amylaceous, vitamin, can provide a variety of nutrition material for airframe, and rich zinc is contained in pumpkin, zinc can participate in human body nucleic acid, protein synthesis, it is the inherent composition of the cortin, both an edible, can promote human body to grow development.

How do pumpkin and Chinese chestnut eat together

Congee of Chinese chestnut pumpkin


Pocket pumpkin, ripe chestnut, millet.

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1, pocket pumpkin can be boiled twice, flay cuts small.

2, the conflagration after water burns next pumpkin water to leave boils 10 minutes, will ripe chestnut is patted with the back of a knife blade flat pat broken in adding pot.

3, join millet at the same time, after conflagration boils 10 minutes, small fire boils at least half hours slowly, close fire to build to ropy shape cover tightly a little while.

 Chestnut pumpkin congee

Take the note of Chinese chestnut

Edible of 1. unfavorable excessive

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Although Chinese chestnut contains a variety of nutrition material, but edible of unfavorable also excessive, because Chinese chestnut contains more starch, saccharide, excessive edible can produce certain effect to blood sugar, for taller to blood sugar person, it is very dangerous practice, make blood sugar lifts suddenly so probably, cause certain disease to appear thereby.

2. is dyspeptic person diet

Chinese chestnut contains rich starch, stodgy, dyspeptic person edible, may cause intestines and stomach unwell. If want to eat Chinese chestnut very, should control good dosage, eat 1~2 bead can, perhaps eat the eupeptic food such as a few hawkthorn, lemon.

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