Japanese nucleus pollutes area food Jing to show China: Preliminary count already amounted to the businessman on the is suspected of selling Japanese nucleus to pollute food in the row net that a lot of your love have many 13000 exposure as evening party of CCTV 3 15, japanese nucleus pollutes incident of area food safety to ferment continuously.上海千花网


Notable is, 6 days ago on March 11, be blessing island nuclear accident 6 years during. Making what the outside has doubt quite is, blessing island nuclear accident has gone 6 years, why cannot food safety assure however? Can the food that comes from a nucleus to pollute an area cause a harm? Have how old harm? To this, ” daily economy news ” the reporter interviews public figure of many nuclear cable trade, try to op上海千花社区

en puzzle.

44 bans carry out 6 years to did not change

A nuclear report engineer says frankly to the reporter, in fact, environmental safety does not imply food safety, basically be the rich market action because of biology itself, environmental radiate if by biology rich market, become the radiate of high strenth possibly, once be fed, can endanger health. Rich market action makes the food safety problem of blessing island 上海同城对对碰交友社区

periphery will long-standing, the to Japan food safety inside course of study also supports cautious attitude all the time.

In Wen Hongjun of former deputy total worker worker ever represented nuclear group, the nuclear report installation that handles attaint can releas新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

e the radioactivity material of certain amount, the radioactivity material with brief life of wh some of which is opposite for the harm is not great, the radioactivity material with another some of long life wants danger much. The says life here, it is to point to half-life, the time that when the atom of radioactivity material has disintegration of happening of half the number, needs namely.

The reporter understands, be in early on March 11, 2011, japanese earth shake brings about nuclear radiation incident to erupt, draw near the relevant maritime space of blessing island, soil all suffers menace, subsequently, the many countries such as the United States, European Union and area are ensure provision is safe, publish relevant code in succession or byelaw limitation involves blessing island and circumjacent region production, treatment, carry relevant provision to wait enter its churchyard. Total bureau of national qualitative check also immediately issued 44 announcement, prohibit importing county of island of blessing of area of Japanese nucleus leak, group produce of the food of 12 counties such as equestrian county, edible and feed.

Many personage inside nuclear cable industry points out, so far, the ban did not produce any change related qualitative check total bureau, compare, american FDA (food medicines and chemical reagents controls management board) relaxing ceaselessly the ban of pair of Japan food. What China adopts all the time to food safety is what guard quite is decision-making, the oldest rate ensures national health, but not be the food that says these come from ban area it is bane certainly.

Still want authoritative orgnaization proof or detect

CCTV reports alluding nucleus pollutes area product, its source source comes from relevant ban area really. But the personage inside course of study thinks, what the outside worries more actually is whether these products are produced through illegal means, the masses should reason is treated, cannot say completely to do not have a problem for certain, but also need not excessive panic and be anxious.

In fact, the nucleus pollutes area food and nuclear pollution food to be not a concept, former it is the food that comes from a nucleus to pollute area, but whether be polluted by the nucleus and whether to contain harmful to health radioactivity material to still need authority to detect, latter ability is those who point to is true the food with the harmful human body that be opposite by nuclear pollution.

Agree inside course of study think, on one hand, from legal angle character, public proclamation illicit introduces the country to had broken the law however, no matter whether be polluted by the nucleus; But on the other hand, the product itself that comes from a nucleus to pollute area is polluted, can cause a harm, does the harm have how old? Authoritative branch needs to clarify, also detect related need data goes evidence, also the public pays close attention to this most.

Nuclear report engineer is narrated to say to reporter explanation before, the radioactivity of general so called provision basically involves internal exposure issue, it is namely in the process of radiation safety, a lot of ray can undertake keeping apart through simple and easy screen, often allude for instance, , , but prevent more basically be, because range is long, one was held off, but in the organism of internal exposure environment, release and the nuclide of ray disintegration can cause greater harm to organism.

Regretful is, extent is measured in current convention, we are measured quite hard still actually. In addition, we prove without too much data whether dangerous or these provision are safe at present, also did not suit quite civil detect daily method. This engineer says frankly.

Xinhua News Agency ever reported say, blessing island nuclear accident goes 6 years, 新上海贵族宝贝论坛

japanese major area did not detect again nowadays the food that gives radioactivity material to exceed bid and drinking water, alimental security can be bought to do not have a problem basically also on the market at present. And the reporter of Xinhua News Agency that blessing island investigation ever went to before this also expresses, in blessing island the first nuclear power plant with south the city of about 50 kilometers, dimensional radiation level and Tokyo as good as, food and water detect regularly without anxiety, but also really still the people is reduce a risk as far as possible, as far as possible the choose and buy is produced from blessing island county outside feed capable person.

She Shuo Ceng Zhuanwen points out Xu Xiaolin of dean of courtyard of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of fair condominium of university of Hua Zhongke ability, associate professor, food safety risk of China analyses main side overweight 上海贵族宝贝交流区

to feed source and manufacturing treatment link, paroxysmal to this kind of nuclear accident with special rule pollution pays close attention to lack, also should fail to enclothe place and place and outside food to supply each link of catenary to measure related, neglect current link especially, also fail at the same time food of give attention to two or morethings supplies catenary and food trade security. Future should reach photograph adjacent area in place of nuclear power plant, build database of monitoring of area kernel material, the several manage statistic that at the same time safe to food state has comprehensive, science. (every classics edits reporter Ou Yangkai Chen Junjie)

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