[Qieerxi ensures Liverpudlian defeat first place of Ying Chao integral follow closely of graceful city integral ever since] league matches of Ying Chao football undertook two 14 days attributive to champion crucial game, liverpudlian be in advocate with 2:0Beat Qieerxi, protected integral a list of names post上海千花网论坛

ed up the position of first, the graceful city that surpasses less is in London with 3:1Conquer the Crystal Palace, backward still Liverpudlian dichotomy.

The match of graceful city carries ongoing travel, si Telin advances two balls repeatedly, graceful city with 2:0Banner. Miliwoyeweiji in the 81st minute of free kick direct burst open the door is pulled answer a minute. The 90th minute, the Resusi that the reserve enters the court scored the 3rd goal for graceful city.

This i上海贵族宝贝

s graceful city those who obtain is successive the victory of match of the阿爱上海同城

9th Ying Chao, also let them ascend integral a list of names posted up momently head. Just after a few hours, liverpudlian conquer pushs them a second position afresh after Qieerxi.

Two Liverpudlian balls just began to be scored before long in the second half. The 51st minute, henley is received t上海千花社区

o pass ball head burst open the door inside Sa, pass dichotomy handleless cup only, 25 meters of long shot build Salahe result, turn score into 2:0.

Because rank tertiary to heat up thorn integral to have 67 minutes only, backward graceful city 16 minutes, two teams still have 5 competitions, because the Yingchao champion of this sports season is destined,will be between Liverp上海千花网龙凤论坛

udlian He Mancheng generation. Liverpudlian return remnant 4 matches, adversary is respectively: The husband that add (guest field) , Hadesifeierde (advocate) , button blocks Si Erlian (guest field) , wolf team (advocate) , have wolf group actual strength only among them stronger. The adversary that graceful city leaves 5 races is respectively: Hot thorn (advocate) , graceful couplet (guest field) , Bern benefit (guest field) , Laisite city (advocate) , Bulaidu (guest field) , apparent graceful city the opponent of 5 matches is more formidable.

As a result of Liverpudlian banner graceful city dichotomy, if two teams win victory entirely in the rest match, graceful city wins the dominant position with a minute finally championship. If Liverpudlian the victory that wins 4 all contests, graceful city sh上海千花网交友

ould be only in a match accidentally drop, even if be forced make the same score by adversary, also can win second place finally only, apparent, as crucial as hot thorn and two matches of graceful couplet. (reporter prince river)

Original title: Is Ying Chao integrated: ?  carves to wring editor of responsibility of? of dazzle of  of silk ribbon of Ku of で discharge  eventually: Li Xiaoling

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