The Budapest that undertook yesterday in Beijing time swims world bright and beautiful surpasses a man in final of 800 meters of crawl, this project defends Sun Yang of famous general of crown champion, China to obtain the 5th finally, fail to accomplish alive上海千花网

bright and beautiful contest on this project 4 Lian Guan. The Sun Yang after contest expresses tired outly, oneself think very much ” top of gnash one’s teeth comes down ” , but ” honest top was not moved ” .

Really, because train the move of centre of gravity, together with is in current generation fights bravely continuously on bright and beautiful contest, sun Yang is in the advantage on project of Sunday run crawl no longer. Look into the Tokyo Olympic Games after 3 years, if he wants to be in 4 therein on project of Sunday run crawl somewhat behead is obtained, difficulty is great.

Training is transferred mainly to middle distance

Project of Sunday run crawl is Sun Yang bilks the project with becoming famous. 2011 Shanghai world bright and beautiful contest, he is the individual was harvested on project of 800 meters of crawl gold of contest of the first world. Subsequently mixed 2013 world bright and beautiful was surpassed 2015, he defends crown twice again this one project, come true 3 Lian Guan. On project of 1500 meters of crawl, he ever also carried off 2011, 2013 contest of wor上海龙凤论坛sh1f

ld bright and beautiful上海千花网

and 2012 Olympic Games champion, holding record of this project world up to now.

Nevertheless, 上海贵族宝贝论坛

as Sun Yang fight in some places one by one is mixed 200 meters project of 400 meters of crawl, its drop gradually in the match ability on Sunday run project. Total coach Chen Yunpeng ever expressed before Chinese team, sun Yang carries in Liyaoao periodic training centre of gravity begins to transfer, de-emphasis endurance, and more Yu Li measures lay particular stress on.

Although swim in the whole nation this year April championship in match of 800 meters of crawl, sun Yang swam 7 minutes 48 seconds the good achievement of 33, row this year the world the 3rd, but inside course of study do not value him generally to be in Budapest world seizes gold of this one project again on bright and beautiful contest. And go up in project of 1500 meters of crawl, the best achievement of this sports season lists Sun Yang only the world the 18th, also do not have competition ability. World of previous term or session bright and beautiful contest, he because the body is unwell,ever exited contention of 1500 meters of crawl, liyaoao carries preliminary contest of go no further also is on the meeting.

Current generation before bright and beautiful contest, sun Yang discloses even, the coach hopes he abandons Sunday run project originally, dedicated at project of two middle distance, center energy to pound record of 400 meters of worlds.

“But I still want to swim more a few projects. ” Sun Yang says, “Where is the limit that sees oneself after all. “Where is the limit that sees oneself after all..

“Devil leg ” bring about dog-tired

Although be determined to take part in the爱上海同城手机版

match more, but be in Budapest, face too concentrated leg, sun Yang is tired still broke down. 4 days of 7 field matches, the physical power that makes him overdraws badly, “Want to endeavor to support very much, but arrive from the back the body that feels oneself has been sent sank. But arrive from the back the body that feels oneself has been sent sank..

Local time 25 days of evening, sun Yang harvests the 2nd gold in final of 200 meters of crawl. After contest, he is so tired that he bend over swim Chi Bian. That day morning, he still entered preliminary contest of 800 meters of crawl successful pass a test, this is called by him ” a the most provoking day ” . “200 meters of final are final 10 meters when, hand already deadlocked. ” Sun Yang weighs these 10 meters ” be like,spend a second year ” .

26 days morning, sun Yang had breathing space a long time eventually. Evening, he appears on the stage setting out of final of 800 meters of crawl again. Before half Cheng, sun Yang is returned can bite into adversary. But after 500 meters pass, he begins to drop out, be fallen further more by adversary. Final, he with 7 minutes of 48 seconds the achievement of 87 lists the 5th only. De Di of Italian famous general seizes gold, its success is quicker than Sun Yang 8 seconds are much.

After contest, sun Yang cries loudly. He says: “Capability of the Cheng after De Di knows me is stronger, so he swims very quickly into water, want to procrastinate break down I. I all the time very be in hard with, but swim to 200 meters of hands acerbity, 500 swim to be not moved after rice. W上海夜网论坛

ent to 600 meters when, sensory hand, leg carries did not rise. Sensory hand, leg carries did not rise..

In the player that plays 800 meters of games, only Sun Yang played 200 meters of enter into rivalry, “Plus still played 400 meters of games, physical strength is used up too big. I endeavored, endeavored, but too tired really. But too tired really..

Tokyo Olympic Games still wants to contend for ” vole “

According to the plan, sun Yang is current contest of world bright and beautiful plays game of 1500 meters of crawl even originally. After was being surpassed yesterday, he expresses, whether to continue to enter 1500 meters of arrangement that see a drill even, “I want to hold to, but should treat body condition, because from the back I play crawl relay game even. ” he discloses, if abandon 1500 meters of crawl, he hopes to try to plan the 4 × besides 100 meters of medley races, make contribution more for national group.

As to 800 meters of crawl, he had been given off ” strive for below come to champion recapture ” character of a person of extraordinary powers. After all, this project has become the Olympic Games nowadays formal match project. This year in June, international Olympic committee announces this project is become Tokyo Olympic Games is formal 2020 match project, sun Yang makes known his position at that time, oneself had gotten the Olympic Games gold of rice and 1500 meters of 200 rice, 400 crawl, this had new ” vole ” target. After this Ci Shijin contest gains the championship 200 meters, he also expresses again, oneself already the gold that collect Qi Shijin surpasses crawl project to reach 1500 meters from 200 meters, next target takes gold of below 800 meters of crawl in Tokyo namely.

Nevertheless, arrive when Tokyo Olympic Games, sun Yang is close already 29 years old, if want to hold project of the Sunday run in showing consideration for and take care to preserve a ministry concurrently, difficulty can be compared only bigger now.

Wang Xiao of our newspaper reporter laughs

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