Saber Interactive was released now ” corpse world war ” the configuration requirement of PC edition. Be worth what carry is, the government announces this edition that make PC will land Epic game store, at present on Steam already search is less than this game, had abandoned Steam it seems that. There had been 3 games recently ” genetic: Alpha (Genesis Alpha One) ” , ” Ashen ” and ” satisfactory (Satisfactory) ” evacuation Steam, the choice landed Epic game store. Lowermost configuration: CPU: Memory of I5 750/i3 530/AMD Phenon II X4-810: 8GB system: Windows 7 shows clip: R7 240 or GT 730 hard disk: 20GB recommends configuration: CPU: I7 3970 memory: 16GB system, windows 10, 64 show clip: R9 280 or GTX 960 hard disk: 20GB when last month, development business Saber Interactive announces to cooperate with AMD, PC edition game will show card to offer for AMD Ryzen processor and Radeon optimize. ” corpse world war ” be act the leading role according to Buladepite ” corpse world war ” homonymic film and adapt, the funeral cadaver of the means antagonism group that game edition uses 4 people to cooperate. Every player has him live story, happen in new York, muscovite, jerusalem and other ground are nodded. This making still support tribal pattern, an another funeral cadaver group live what test player falls in enormous pressure skill. ” corpse world war ” on 2019 put on sale, entry PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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