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Muscle is the organization that major live thing has, especially person and other animal needFall in love with the sea

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Enough motion of enough talent of vivid kinetic energy of beard support sarcous rises. Muscle provides mighty power for the body, and be in working status from beginning to end, the pressure with bore constant. Accordingly, muscle also can appear fatigue, need rests to just can restore its the greatest ability. Muscle looks to need to rest below?

Muscle needs to rest how long

Bosom, back, leg shoulder such flesh group, completely sufficient exercise need to rest 72 hours, 2 3 abdomen flesh group rest 24 hours to be able to restore.

At present the training law of the mainstream has two kinds, one kind is leg of arm of pectoral back shoulder, each place practices one day.

Another kind is a bosom + 3, back + 2, shoulder, leg (or shoulder and leg) day or 4 days of such 3 loops are made.

Two kinds of methods are very scientific effective, specific use where is planted, in light of circumstance of need union oneself and training circumstance.

The principle that muscle grows exceeds a quantity to restore namely actually. After muscle fiber gets hurt, can have period of time under former level, exceed subsequently former level, return to normal finally. If drill too diligent, muscle level can be reduced only. Small muscle group need 48 hours to restore at least, big muscle group need 72 hours. If exceed1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The quantity takes exercise, that is forced when fleshForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Complete indolence reentry goes the next time.

Muscle needs to rest how long

If conversely, a week drills 9 times only, still not be the whole body drills, that was become almost rise, restore next former level, start over again next, won’t have the effect with apparent what. Have scientific training only, seasonable compensatory nutrition and assure enough rest, ability gets fast muscle grows.

If say time is not much, cannot assure go quite the frequency of gym, what that had better drill is a few more comprehensive, intensity also the end is a few higher, rest next a week, go drilling the 2nd times again. It is certain to need to take exercise to be able to have on the weekend only so rose.

Muscle needs to rest how long

The training that just began not to use great strength will stimulate muscle, pull easily, can train from the force of low intensityForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, increase training strength gradually. Of small intensity can practice every day, strength is great, OK and removed a day of training, notice food is tie-in even, eat beef more, the egg thing that contains a lot offiber and albumen fillsShanghai Long Feng forum

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Fill nutrition, the complement of the moisture after training additionally is very important also.

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